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Summary After the death of her mother, Vince was tracked down by Niki. When she first appeared at Niki Walters Desnudo workplace, Vince initially thought eDsnudo she was a "hottie" who was attracted to him.

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The rapper posted three photos, where she bared it all - including the teddy bear one where she sported her signature cotton candy colored wig and high-heels - and that is it.

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He offers the homicide team constructive insight with his own perverse style and assists the department with crucial information in cases. He has also unknowingly assisted Dexter Morgan on a few crime scenes, Niki Walters Wslters as when he described Niki Walters Desnudo complex sexual motif with two bodies, who were actually killed by Dexter. From Season Six onward, Desnuod volunteers at a local college as Niki Walters Desnudo professor in forensic studies.

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