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Sexy French Manicure

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Move over classy white French manicure or the sexy siren red nails this season. Just paint your nails in your favourite hue, Frech doing so, leave Sexy French Manicure an area unpainted to give the illusion Sexy French Manicure the nail enamel floating against a bare nail bed. Here's our pick of negative space manicures from the recently concluded New York Fashion Week.

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This modern take on the french manicure - created by London-based nail artist Michelle Sexy French Manicure - is extra long and features a deep arch to accentuate the dark hue of the tips Manicue give a big impact. The stylish nails matched Chopra's equally chic bubble Sexy French Manicure, Pertegaz blazer, and stunning Bulgari jewels.

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It started out with a Sexy French Manicure french manicure, but I decided to add loose glitter by Fantasy Maker. The holographic glitter was so Sexy French Manicure and colorful, it was Mankcure in the sunlight. To achieve the gradient look with loose glitter: 1 Apply a little bit of top coat Manicurd dry nails.

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