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Model T Fuel Mileage

Model T Fuel Mileage

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As a result, the engine develops about 20 horsepower, but it makes 83 pound-feet of torque due to the long stroke a href"https:stonedgirls. eublowbangmagazines-ohio. php"Magazines Ohioa relatively large displacement. The genius of Mileabe Model T engine is not in what it has, but rather what it lacks. What Mpdel the T stand for in Model Model T Fuel Mileage.

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It got 21 miles per gallon and was remarkably inefficient. Now a hundred years later, latest industry-wide statistics show that the average fuel economy for a new car is What in the world is going on in Detroit and everywhere else, for that matter.

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Can you give me some idea of the mileage you are getting on your Model T. Does anyone have reference to a historic mileage quote. Ultimately, I am after the car's usable range on a Moedl fuel tank which I believe was standard.

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